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I try to write interesting, thoughtful blogs on a semi-regular basis, so I hope readers will indulge the rare promotional notice. Especially when it involves eighteen months of hard work and relates directly to the existence of this website. Meaning, I’m very pleased to announce that Volume II in “The Marriage of Miss Jane Austen” trilogy is available for pre-order from Amazon—just $3.99!

See why readers have praised “The Marriage of Miss Jane Austen” as “a magical tale”—“one of the best love stories I have read in a long time”—“wickedly clever!” Find out why critics call it “an imaginative journey of the soul.”

Volume II will officially launch on Sept. 10, 2016, at the Jane Austen Festival in Bath, England. But you can pre-order the e-book today on Amazon!…/…/ref=sr_1_2…

“The Marriage of Miss Jane Austen” explores her twenties, a period of which historians know almost nothing, to present life as it would have been for an intelligent, independent, passionate woman who meets a man very much her equal. The trilogy answers the mysteries around those missing years: Why the rumors of a lost love? Why did Austen never seek love again? Why did her beloved sister destroy her letters and diaries of this time?

Volume I told the story of a tender romance. Volume II takes Austen and her husband into an intense and complex marriage, as the challenges of the Regency Era threaten their new life together.

You can get a sneak peek of the deep personal matters at stake in a preview of the book here:

If you haven’t already read Volume I of “The Marriage of Miss Jane Austen,” you can get a copy at a special discount at, or an e-book at Amazon.…/dp/B010DNSO74/ref=pd_sim_sbs_351_4…

Courtship becomes marriage. Life becomes real. Order now.

$3.99 for Volume II e-book
$3.99 for Volume I e-book
$11.99 for Volume I paperback











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