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Let me provide an end-of-year thanks to all my subscribers. I hope during these very difficult times my thoughts on Jane Austen, the Regency era, and other related issues may have offered a small but welcome diversion from the pandemic and hard times and isolation that a lot of people are experiencing.

Many of you have been with me since I began this blog five years ago. A few are new. I hope all of you will join me as I continue to blog but from another location. I am “switching channels,” if you will, but the show will go on. The new website,, is replacing this one, Nothing will broadly change. The new site is fully stocked with the sixty-plus Austen blogs I’ve written in the past, and I’ll continue as before. I may occasionally branch out a little further, but I intend to keep “Dear Jane” as the primary focus.

The main reason for the change is that I have also written five non-Austen books on a variety of topics, from high tech to the brain to corporate values. I have other books and projects, both Austen and otherwise, in the works. I need an online bookshelf to include everything that I’ve done and hope to do.

It was fun for me to go through and re-read the blogs as I cleaned up formatting issues related to the bulk transfer. In five years, I’ve treated Austen in many different ways: her life and possible loves; her writings; the issues that she and other women faced; movies about her works; even the way she spoke—it wasn’t in the posh “BBC speak” of today. Feel free to browse the blog section of

My Thanksgiving blog has already gone out from the new site. I had to ensure the new email system worked before I shut down the old. Because the blog came from a new sender, it might have ended up in your spam or junk folder. Please check and follow the steps of your email provider to ensure that the system knows is a legitimate address. It’s a good idea to check your junk folder regularly, anyway, for the occasional valid email that’s been misrouted. Adding to your email contact list should also help ensure the mail gets through.

The next blog will issue on Christmas Eve and, not surprisingly, will contain a few Austen Christmas cheers.

Thanks again for reading my thoughts through the years. And stay safe. Let’s not get twitchy and expose ourselves to the plague now that we can see help on the way. A little more patience. …

And raise a toast to Jane on December 16 to celebrate her 245th birthday!

“The Marriage of Miss Jane Austen,” a trilogy that traces love from a charming courtship through the richness and complexity of marriage and concludes with a test of the heroine’s courage and moral convictions, is available from Jane Austen Books and Amazon. A “boxed set” that combines all three in an e-book format is available here.

The image of Jane Austen is from the Richards wax figure at the Jane Austen Centre in Bath.

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