Help us pick the cover for Volume II

Volume II of The Marriage of Miss Jane Austen trilogy will be launched in September at the Jane Austen Festival in Bath, England. In the new book you will learn more about Jane Austen during the “lost years” of her life—seven years of which historians have little to no information. The period love story combines the charm and fierce wit of Austen’s comic masterpieces with a serious relationship set in the harsh realities and conflicts of the Regency period.

The trilogy answers the biggest mystery about the author: What did she do in her twenties, before she dedicated her life to writing? Tantalizing hints exist of a romance and possible scandal. Why were her letters and journals destroyed by her beloved sister? Why, afterward, did the vivacious Austen shut herself off from the world to write? Learn more of what really happened to Austen during the “missing” years of 1802 to 1809 during a turmultuous time in England’s history.

If you haven’t read the first book in the trilogy yet, pick up a copy today, offered at a special discount for a limited time, at See why one critic called Volume I of The Marriage of Miss Jane Austen “an imaginative journey of the soul.“ You can find out more about Volume II when it is available this fall.

In the meantime…we’re asking for everyone’s input on a very important element for Volume II: the book cover. Below are two leading candidates for the cover of Volume II. Please indicate your preferences in comments.










Ballrooms were an important setting for romance in the Regency era. This cover treatment is intended to capture the excitement and intrigue of these important social events in Jane’s life which offered her so much good material to write about in her novels. Should this ballroom scene be the featured cover?










The beautiful English countryside nurtured Jane’s mind and soul, giving her the peace to contemplate the major events of her life. Should this outdoor scene be the featured cover?

Thanks for your input!


6 thoughts on “Help us pick the cover for Volume II

  1. I like the countryside cover. It reminds me of the long walks that play an important part in her writings. Walking and thinking and soul-searching. And who can resist the English countryside?

  2. I like the “English countryside” cover the best. Although, I would not be upset of the “Ballroom” cover won. They are both beautiful covers!

  3. The lady on the second cover looks like the bastard child of Scarlett O’Hara and Denys Finch Hatton, the lover in “Out of Africa.” I’m not an expert by any means, but that gown looks like those popular a century after Jane Austen’s time. If that is true, you can guarantee that Janeites will notice!

    Don’t love the first cover, although I like it better than the second. But really, what do I care for covers when there is (to be soon) such a tale?

    Can’t wait for the novel to come out. I loved the first one!

    1. Resa, it turns out to be quite difficult to find a book cover that has the right tone and theme while also being in the right time period and reasonably affordable. Definitely concerned that Janeites will spot a visual anachronism!

  4. I like the first one better because I don’t like the dress in the second one. It doesn’t seem very Jane Austenish. If you had the person wearing the dress from the first cover on the second cover, I would like the second one better although the colour of the trees looks a little unnatural.

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