Sweepstakes update, Austen movie fun


Just a brief update to let you know that “The Marriage of Miss Jane Austen” Sweepstakes 2016 has concluded, and we’ll be announcing our Grand Prize Winners soon. Watch for updates here.

Also, Mary Jo Murphy in the New York Times ranked all the Austen movies done to date. More than sixty adaptations of Austen’s work, as I’ve mentioned before.

Note that the films are not listed in the order of rank; higher ranking ones are scattered throughout the article. The organization of the reviews is all the movies based on one book, then all the movies based on another, etc.

Murphy chooses the Jennifer Ehle/Colin Firth “Pride and Prejudice” as her favorite. I prefer the Emma Thompson “Sense and Sensibility.” Perhaps I’m not as enamored of the Colin Firth wet T-shirt contest as others may be–though he remains my favorite Darcy. Both movies are from 1995 and helped launch the modern Austen phenomenon.

Darcy’s shirt is coming to America, for those who are interested.

Note also that the critically well-received “Love and Friendship” will be officially released May 13. The movie, starring Kate Beckinsale and Chloë Sevigny, is confusingly named for one Austen story but is actually based on another, “Lady Susan.” I had always hoped that Austen might return to “Lady Susan,” an early unpublished work, and bring it up to the same level of quality as her major works. The main character, played by Beckinsale, is delightfully and unrepentantly evil.

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